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Coaching makes a difference when two factors are present:

1. YOU are ready and willing to change and grow.


2. There is a gap between where YOU are now and where YOU want to be. Period. The gap can be many things: Your personal life, love life, work life, boundary issues, fears, etc.

With a coach you will:


Be "in action" because you set the goals you really want.

Finding out what you really want and what goals you want to set is the first course of action.


Have a balanced life because you designed it.

Without a balanced life you don't have a solid base to begin to make changes in your life. A coach helps you determine what it means to balance your life.

Help you to "push the envelope".

As your coach I will nudge you out of your comfort zone. I will make you reach more and more without you being consumed by the process. When you have a partner (coach) you can trust, you can feel safe reaching for more.


Help you to make better decisions because your focus is much more clear and defined.


Have a lot more energy because you will be happier and more productive.


Help clear up unresolved issues

Find closure with issues that seem to keep re-surfacing.


Get your needs met

Learn to ask for what you want from yourself and others.


Stop tolerating

Learn to spend less time with the inappropriate behaviors of others.


Come from a more positive place

Look at life in a more positive way and stop waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Strengthen your support system

When you have a strong support system such as your family, significant other, or friends, you can do anything!

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